The Best of theInternational Quilt Association Shows

By Rita Weiss

Every year, the International Quilt Association presents the largest and most esteemed quilting competition in the world. The show brings together professional and home quilters alike, all entering their finest pieces. Anyone who wins a prize has true talent, creativity, and skill—and here, for the very first time, are all the quilts that emerged victorious in all the specialty areas. There are variations on traditional patterns, such as log cabin or Amish Star, as well as exquisite examples of Japanese quilting, Trapunto, and other more unusual forms. While no instructions accompany the eye-opening images, each one of the winning artists offers helpful background on each piece. Quilters and quilt lovers will surely treasure this collection.

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Publisher: Sterling

128 Pages

$14.95 US


8 1/2” x 11”

All in color

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