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How to Crochet with a Steel Hook

     Even an experienced crocheter  may feel clumsy and awkward at first when working with steel hooks for the first time. This might be a bit of a surprise especially if you have been crocheting with yarn for a long time; you may feel all thumbs all over again just as you felt when you first learned to crochet.  However,  in just a few hours of crocheting with a steel hook and thread, this feeling will pass as you learn to adjust your tension and method of working to these new tools.

     Most steel crochet hooks are about 5” long, which is shorter than the hooks you use for yarn. Steel hooks are numbered from 14, which is the smallest, to 00, which is the largest. You will find that the steel hook is shaped differently than the hooks you have been using. 

     After the end, used to hook the thread,  there is the throat,  then the shank, and after the shank the steel hook begins to widen again before it reaches the finger grip. It is important that every stitch be made on the shank, not the throat. That would make the stitch too tight.  If your stitches slide beyond the shank, they will be loose and alter the gauge.

     Hold the hook in the right hand (unless you are left-handed), with the thumb and the third finger on the fingertip and the index finger near the tip of the hook.  Turn the hook slightly toward you, not facing up or down.  Hold the hook firmly, but not tightly.