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How to Make Fringe

We most often think of fringe as a finish for afghans, but it actually has many uses.  Fringe looks great on pillows  and cushions, on rugs, and on children’s

clothing.  Fringe made with crochet cotton can be used on curtains or table runners.

Most patterns state how long to cut the yarn, and how many strands to use in each Knot.  Generally, cut the strands twice the length you want the finished fringe to be, plus about 2” extra for the knots.  Triple knot, or other more elaborate knotting styles, may require 3” or 4” extra.

An easy way to make fringe is to find a book close to the length you need, and wind the yarn around that.  After you have wound and cut a few fringe pieces, make one or two knots to see if you are happy with the length.

Fringe will look better if, on the edge to be fringed, you first work a row of sc, then tie the knots in the sc stitches.  If how far apart to tie the fringe is not mentioned in a pattern, do what pleases you.  Start with tying knots in the two outer edges, then work

to the inside,  spacing the knots evenly.

Fringe can be made all in one color, or in a combination of colors.  Fringe that contrasts with the project is often quite dramatic.

When the fringe is completed, you can trim it evenly, or leave it uneven, depending on the look you want.

Single Knot Fringe

This is the fringe most often used.  Although any number of strands can be used, 4 strands is usually the minimum.

Hold the specified number of strands for one knot of fringe together, and then fold in half (Fig 1).

Hold the project with the right side facing you. Using a crochet hook, draw the folded ends through the space or stitch from right to wrong side (Fig 2).

Pull the loose ends through the folded section (Fig 3) and draw the knot up firmly.

Spaghetti Fringe

This is made with just one strand in the knot, and the knots are usually spaced very close together.

Double Knot Fringe

First work a complete row of Single Knot Fringe, then using half the strands from one knot and half the strands frm the next knot, tie a row of knots about 1 1/2” below the first row (Fig 4).

Triple Knot Fringe

First work Double Knot Fringe, then add one more row of knots below (Fig 5)