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39" x 50"" before fringing


Worsted weight yarn,

12 oz medium blue 

6 oz natural

18 oz light blue

Note: Photographed model made with Bernat ® Berella ® “4”, 

#08721 Medium Country Blue, #08940 Natural, and #08720 Light Country Blue

14" size 10 straight needles (or size required for


Size G aluminum crochet hook for joining panels

Cable stitch holder or double point needle


20 sts = 3  3/4"

Note:A YO lp begins every row; for ease in counting lps and

assembling panels, tie a marker of contrasting yarn every 25th lp

on each side of panel. Mark cast-on row of each panel as panel



Light Blue Panel (make 4):

With light blue, cast on 20 sts.

Row 1: YO, K7, K2 tog, K11.

Rep Row 1 until there are 150 YO loops on each

side of the panel. Bind off loosely.

Cable Panel (make 2 in medium blue; make 1

in natural):

Cast on 41 sts.

Row 1 (cable twist row): YO, K 7, K 2 tog, K 2; sl next

4 sts onto cable needle and hold in back of work; K4,

K 4 sts from cable needle, K 3, sl 4 sts onto cable

needle and hold in back of work; K 4, K 4 sts from

cable needle, K 11.

Row 2: YO, K 7. K 2 tog; K 2, P 8, K 3; P 8, K 11.

Row 3: YO, K 7, K 2 tog, K 32.

Rows 4 through 9: Rep Rows 2 and 3, 3 more times.

Row 10: Rep Row 2.

Rep these 10 rows until there are 150 YO loops on

each side of the panel, ending by working Row 10.

Bind-Off Row: BO 7 sts; K 2 tog, BO the K 2

tog; *place next 4 sts on cable needle, bind off 4 sts;

bind off 4 sts on cable needle; bind off 3 sts; rep from

* to last 11 sts, bind off.


Join panels with crochet hook, as follows: Place natural

cable panel with wrong side facing wrong side

of a lt blue  panel and cast-on rows at

bottom; join natural yarn with an sc working

through both bottom YO loops; continue working sc

to join YO loops, adjusting tension to keep work flat.

Work to top of panels, finish off. Join another lt blue

panel to other side of medium blue panel in same man-

ner. Using medium blue yarn, join a medium blue panel to

each of the joined lt blue  panels, in same manner.

Then using medium  yarn, join remaining lt blue panels,

panels, one to each side of medium blue panels. Weave in

all loose ends.


Make Single Knot Fringe. Cut strands 16" long in all colors.

Working acrosseach short end of afghan, knot 1 strand in each st

across, matching fringe color to panel color.

From 7 Day Afghans by Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss, Published by

Sterling Publishing. There are 44 more afghans in this book.

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