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Colorful Coverlet Yo-Yo Quilt

© Creative Partners, LLC.

designed by Linda Causee

Approximate Size: 36 3/4” x 49”


Assorted fabric scraps, light medium and dark

Sewing thread and needles


156 circles, dark

288 circles, medium

144 circles, light

Instructions for Yo-Yos:

Make a 4”circle to use as a template.

Using the template as a pattern,  cut a 4” circle.

Fold the edge of the circle toward the wrong side about 1/4” (Fig 1).

Thread the sewing needle and knot one end. Using a running stitch, sew along folded edge of circle (Fig 2).

Pull thread to draw up circle and knot end of thread (Fig 3).

Flatten circle with small hole in center (Fig 4).

Instructions for Quilt:

Make all cut circles into yo-yos. The 4” circle will make a yo-yo that finishes about 1 3/4” in diameter.

Place yo-yos in seven rows of seven (Fig 5).

Sew two  yo-yos together using five or six stitches (Fig 6).

Continue to sew yo-yos in rows (Fig 7).

Sew rows together to complete a yo-yo block (Fig 8). Make 11 more blocks.

Sew blocks together in rows,  then sew rows together to complete yo-yo quilt.

From Quilts A to Z:26 Techniques Every Quilter Should Know by Linda Causee, published

by Sterling Publishing. There are 25 more quilts in this book.